People may have different ways of getting into and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But if there is one thing that works for everyone, it would be this: Don’t make it complicated. Keeping healthy living fun and simple makes sense if you consider that you will have to do it for the rest of your life. Instead of agonizing about what you need to do like what type of exercises works best to achieve your goals, you can make it simpler by just aiming to sweat once a day. This approach leaves you with more possibilities. No time for the gym? Not a problem because you can always take a long walk, use the stairs, or do any physical activity that leaves sweating and your blood pumping. And if you need an added push, here are some apps that can help you get the exercise you need every day.

1. Aaptiv
Download for: Android, iOS
Highlights: Aaptiv is a personal trainer app that provides you with a broad range of cardio audio-workout classes to get you sweating and burning calories.

2. Endomondo
Download for: Android, iOS
Highlights: Everyone has those days when motivation to exercise is low and an extra push may be needed. Endomondo is designed to provide exactly that added push or motivation by working as a sort of personal trainer to get you going. It keeps track of your activities such as walking and running among others, records data and provides you with a summary of the stats to give you a fairly good idea of your progress (or lack of it).

3. Freeletics Bodyweight
Download for: Android, iOS
Highlights: If you want a workout plan that best fits you, Freeletics Bodyweight can provide you with a customized program tailored to your fitness level and goals.

4. Virtual Walk
Download for: Android, iOS
Highlights: Walking, especially on the treadmill, can get boring. Imagine seeing the same view(s) over and over again. Virtual Walk is an app that keeps track of your walking activity. It then uses the recorded data to allow you to enjoy virtual walks to places like historic sites and other noteworthy landmarks.