The Real Meaning of Convenience in the Food Dictionary

The Real Meaning of Convenience in the Food Dictionary

Convenience in the food dictionary is pretty much the same in the handyman dictionary. When we speak of convenience as handymen, we refer to having your own workshop and your equipment (check out When we refer to convenience as food lovers, on the other hand, the word refers to growing your food. Now, why is it convenient to have a backyard garden?

Let’s find out.


grocery-supermarketFor one, you can save a lot of money on groceries. No more having to deal with other shoppers when it comes to acquiring the freshest produce in grocery stores. No more spending a lot of money on veggies and fruits because you already have them in your garden. Growing food is convenient because it can save more money. It’s the same with handymen who own their own tools—they can save money in the long run because they don’t have to rent machines over and over.


Handymen who have their own devices can use their tools anytime they want for how long they need. Likewise, growing your food means you can simply get food from your garden whenever you need them. Even when the growing season is over, you can still feed yourself by learning how to dry, store, and preserve your fall or summer harvest. Need to make a veggie salad? Just grab what you need from your storage room or straight from your backyard! Easy-peasy.



Handymen who own tools know how to take care of their devices the way they wish too. They can maintain the machines properly because they know they’ve invested money in those things. If owning your own tools can make those tools a better product, then growing food can also lead to better-tasting food. After all, fresh food is always preferred. Food in the supermarket shelves isn’t entirely fresh. The journey time from the farm to the shelves could be long, and they could have been there for a long time already. Store-bought food is always less than fresh food when it comes to flavor and freshness. For me, convenience should also mean the food is at its best before it’s used.



Investing in your own handyman tools produces a sense of accomplishment and so does growing your own garden. That’s a convenient self-booster if you ask me! It’s one of the most significant things a human can do to survive. Caring for plants can also improve one’s patience and can make one kinder.