Why You Should Start Playing PUBG

Why You Should Start Playing PUBG

If you’ve visited the famous pubgwarrior.com, you probably have an idea of what PUBG is as well as the betting and trading that tag along with it. For those of you who doesn’t, PUBG is short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s the one that has been taking the world of video games to a different level. And it’s one of the games you should start playing this 2018.

Enough with the introduction! Here are the benefits of playing this popular game:

It has an excellent gameplay

pubg man shoot gunPUBG is known to have decent graphics and exciting gameplay. In this game, players have three goals: first, to land safely; second, to loot, explore, and collect resources; and lastly, strategize to be the last man standing. You’ll never know who and what you’ll encounter or what will happen next, and that makes the game action-packed and stimulating.

It is a mental exercise

pubg vehicleOne of the advantages of playing PUBG is that you have to use something beyond your common sense: your wits and guts. In this fast-paced game, you have to be focused, alert, observant, and wise in making decisions no matter how small. PUBG requires you to think fast or else you’ll be killed in the battleground. You have to analyze every move you’re about to make—from choosing to grab that weapon or not up to shooting down that opponent or letting someone else make the killing for you. Your destiny in the game will depend on how well you can come up with a strategy to get the better off the other 99 players.

It trains your reflexes

Aside from the mental health, you’ll also be able to train your reflexes to respond quickly to what you want them to do. Your hand to eye coordination will also improve, which will enhance the way you handle things in real life too.

It entertains

playerunknowns-battlegroundsSeriously, I don’t know how to start this part. It’s probably because PUBG doesn’t just sharpen the mind; it also treats you in ways you can’t even describe well. It’s just amazing. I mean, I can’t even explain how awesome it is right now, so I’m pretty sure when you start playing, you’ll be speechless too. All I can say is that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting better and better the more I play; all the running, skin-collecting, point-earning, killing, hiding, and moving makes me at a loss for words. Honestly, its ability to entertain will make you say, “Wow.”